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Would Mallya extradited to India, final hearing today

The extradition case of controversial businessman Vijay Mallya has reached a concluding stage with a final hearing scheduled for Tuesday, when the Crown Prosecution Service on behalf of India and the defence are due to present final submissions.

The case is being heard before chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot in the Westminster Magistrates Court, with Mallya attending almost every hearing. He has suffered legal setback in a separate court case related to debt recovery brought by 13 banks.

A CPS spokesperson said: The next hearing is on July 31. On that day the Senior District Judge will hear final submissions. Judgment will be reserved until a future date (to be arranged).

The judgment that will include a recommendation to the home secretary under the Extradition Act, 2003, is likely to be delivered in September, when the court resumes after the summer recess; both sides will have opportunities to appeal.

Mallyas defence has raised four objections to his extradition: absence of a prima facie case, extraneous considerations, human rights and abuse of process. These relate to alleged political witch-hunt, prison conditions breaching human rights, inability to get a fair hearing in an Indian court and lack of a case to answer.

Mallya arrived in London on March 2, 2016 in the wake of allegations in India of financial irregularities. Indias extradition request was certified by the home secretary on February 21, 2017; he was arrested and bailed on April 18, 2017.


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