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Trump tariffs claim the first victim, Harley Davidson Motorcycle firm

Motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson management has made their intentions known that they would like to move out of US to avoid tariffs.  In his relentless effort to ‘Make America Great Again’, US President Donald Trump has imposed 25% tariffs on imports such as steel and aluminium from EU and China.  EU called these tariffs unreasonable and promptly reciprocated by imposing 25% tariffs on select American imports. One the victim of this trade war is the motorcycle company, Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson management made it clear that they are planning to move manufacturing units, that make EU bikes, outside the US. The management was of the opinion that these tariffs imposed a great burden on their margins and by outsourcing the manufacturing they were trying to protect their consumers from the price hike. President Trump was amused by this act and tweeted that the company became ” the first to wave the white flag and I fought hard for them”. He did not like the shifting of production of Motorbikes away from the US. But the truth is Harley Davidson wanted to avoid European tariffs and they did not want to pass these tariffs on to the consumers in EU. There is still time to stop this disruptive trade war started by Trump and his administration. These tariffs can kill the very concept of fair trade and globalization.


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