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The plastic ban to cost Rs 15000 crores and 300,000 jobs to Maharashtra

The plastic ban makes Maharashtra poorer by 15000 crores and results in loss of 3lakh jobs informed the plastic manufacturing industry.
 On March 23 the government of Maharashtra has given an ultimatum to all manufacturers to shut the shop within 3 months. This grace period was given to clear their stocks. On 23 June the deadline ended and the administration all over the state swooped on plastic bags manufacturers, stockists and users. In two days time, they have gathered Rs 3 lakhs as fines from the uninformed users.
The ban encompassed manufacture, use, sale, distribution and storage of plastic materials such as one-time-use bags, spoons, plates, PET and PETE bottles and thermocol items. Suddenly the consumers were clueless about how to deal with this eventuality. There is no real alternative to the plastic as a material for packaging and carrying goods. The reckless use of single-use plastic bags and other such use and throw items have created irreparable damage to the environment.
The simple principle of reuse, reduce and recycle was not followed to deal with this menace. Banning Plastic is an inevitable decision. But the social tragedy that may result in Maharashtra is humongous. Mumbai is one of the biggest customers of plastic goods resulting in huge job creation for manufacturers, stockists, and distributors. All these people have no other option but to close shop.
Plastic Bags Manufacturers Association of India general secretary Neemit Punamiya told that the overall loss is estimated to be Rs15000 crores large enough to dent the state GDP. Some 3lakh people will be jobless. There is even a greater problem. All the companies manufacturing plastic goods may not be able to honor their loan commitments to banks. The banks are going to bear this whole burden with the declaration of more NPAs.
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