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Roads Constructed at Konta Constituency are like Hema Malini’s Cheeks – Kawasi Lakhma

Commercial Tax (excise) and Industry Minister of Chhattisgarh, Kawasi Lakhma landed in a fresh controversy. He compared the roads in his Konta Constituency to “Cheeks” of actress-turned-politician Hema Malini.
The BJP Party which is in opposition in the constituency has demanded an apology from Kawasi for “disrespecting” a woman that to MP.  Hema Malini is representing BJP as MP from Mathura Constituency in Uttar Pradesh.
“I belong to a naxal-hit area (Konta) but roads constructed there are like Hema Malini’s cheeks. However, roads constructed here (in Kurud area) are ridden by potholes because of corruption (in their construction),” said Kawasi at a programme held at the Kurud development block in Dhamtari district.
“Lakhma’s remark reflects the mindset of Congress leaders. Making such a statement for a woman MP is highly condemnable,” said Dhamtari district BJP President Ramu Rohra responding to those remarks.

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