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Renu Desai Warns Pavan Fans

Renu Desai, Ex-wife of Power Star Pavan Kalyan on her Instagram account. She posted pic of her son, who is looking seriously at laptop in search of a video game. ” My cutie pie looking like a serious character from some noir European cinema” she texted.

It seems Renu who is caring her children after separating from Pawan kalyan, does want he children under the shadow of his ex-husband. She afraid that  Pawan fans that they may comment as Jr power star and clearly warned the netizens about this. ” Anyone commenting jr power star will be deleted and blocked by my pr assistant” She wrote. Giving some more clarity on this, Renu added ” P.S- neither Akira, nor his father, nor his mother like him being called jr. Power star, so you guys should stop it to”.


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