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PM Modi spent Rs 355 crore for his 41 foreign trips

Bhimappa Gadad an activist asked PMO for the details of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign trips under the Right To Information(RTI). In reply, he got the details. He was shocked to see the amount of money spent on PM’s visits. In four years time in office as Prime Minister Modi went on 41 trips covering 52 countries in 6 continents. The total amount of money spent on his trips is Rs 355 crore.

According to RTI report, PM Narendra Modi has spent as much as 165 days outside the country. The Prime Minister’s 9 day trip to Germany, France and Canada was the costliest trip at over Rs 31 crore.

The RTI report also revealed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cheapest trip. PM Modi visited Bhutan on June 15-16,2014 and the government spent Rs 2,45,27,465.

Gadad criticised the PMO for not giving out information about PM Modi’s domestic travels. Speaking to media, he further added that the PMO refused to reveal the details citing that SPG security organisation which takes care of PM security, is exempted from the purview of the RTI. Everyone should know about it,” he said. He added that the Centre should release reports what the country gained out of these trips.

The website of Prime Minister’s Office has also posted the list and details of the foreign trips by PM Narendra Modi in the last 4 years. Notably, the expenses mentioned on chartered flights have been only for 30 trips and 12 such trips are yet to be billed and put it out for public information.

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