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Pavan Reveals the Reason Behind Contesting 2019 Elections

Though Pavan Kalyan started his Janasena Party before the 2014 elections, his party did not contest the elections. Pavan Kalyan supported the BJP and TDP alliance and actively campaigned for them. He feels that because of his support only Chandrababu came into power. After being the supporter of TDP government for more than 3 years, Pavan has decided to contest in the upcoming 2019 elections.

Ever since he started criticizing TDP government, Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh. But ironically he did not target BJP that went back on its promises made during the earlier alliance in which he was also an ally. It is raising certain doubts about his intentions whether his animosity with the current government is at the behest of BJP. Even people were questioning him about his volte-face. At last, he has decided to answer this question to clarify his stand.

He is using the Twitter as his mouthpiece quite effectively. He tweeted in Telugu saying that in 2014 elections he supported for the stability of the people of AP and now he wants to contest to establish balance.


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