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No compromise on quality and quantity: CM Chandrababu inaugurated ‘Anna Canteens’

AP Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu inaugurated the ‘Anna Canteen’ at Vidyadharapuram, Vijayawada. He sat with the people and had meals with them. He said there will not be any compromise on quality or quantity. Anna Canteens are planned to provide good quality food to the poor people at a lower price. These canteens are started in the name of former CM NTR whom people affectionately called ‘Anna’. He was loved by one and all for his two rupees kg rice scheme where several poor people were benefitted.  So it is appropriate to call them ‘Anna Canteens’.
Chandrababu Naidu said the main purpose of these canteens is to feed the old, needy and underprivileged. He further declared that the food will cost only Rs 5 per plate. He said that government has made arrangements for 300 people at each canteen, The food worth Rs 73 is being provided for only Rs 15( three times a day). He requested the people to take the responsibility for supervising to see that these canteens are run properly. It is planned to start 203 such canteens by August 15 to provide meals for 2.5 lakh people. Chandrababu Naidu invited public participation through donations.
The people who ate in the canteens said the food is tasty and good. The people’s feedback can be recorded at the canteen through an electronic device. Today as part of the first phase 60 Anna Canteens at 25 Municipalities were inaugurated.

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