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Let my light be extinguished to keep others aglow: CM Ramesh

CM Ramesh euphemistically said if my light is extinguished to keep lakhs of other lights aglow it is acceptable. He is on indefinite fast for the last 10 days fighting for a steel plant at Kadapa.

His health has considerably deteriorated and doctors are worried. They say that he needs medical help. Ramesh is very determined to continue the fast till the central Government gives an assurance. He said if we cannot get what is promised in the parliament then what is the use of becoming an MP. He reminded that they had talks with the central minister Birendra Singh several times in the past and the centre is yet to give permission.

He is very skeptical about the entry of Gali Janardana Reddy and felt that it seems like a conspiracy hatched by BJP and YSRCP to deny Andhra people their steel plant.


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