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Jagan calls Pawan a man without moral values

During his media meet at Samarlakot, East Godavari Dist., Jagan targeted Pawan Kalyan of Janasena Party and acrimoniously called him a man without any moral values. He said that Pawan changes his wives the way people change cars every four or five years. He further added that it is a waste of time to discuss such people.
Probably it is for the first time Jagan made such scathing personal comments on Pawan in recent times. He never took note of Pawan Kalyan as a formidable opponent and never considered Pawan as worthy of his comments. He seems to have been irritated by a media person from a media group that supports Pawan to reply to comments made by Pawan. Jagan sarcastically commented that how to comment when a person without values is talking about values.

Jagan said” Where are his(Pawan’s) values? He married four times. He changes wives as others change cars. He changes wives every four or five years. If anyone else does this kind of activity they will be called as evergreen bridegrooms. Is it not polygamy? If any ordinary person does it he will end up behind bars. Such s person comes out six months prior to elections and comments on others as if he is a pious man. It is an unfortunate situation in our political system that we are asked to take them seriously and analyze them and give a reply to such meaningless comments. It is quite a sad situation”. He further said that after being a party to the government run by TDP and BJP for so long, Pawan tries to chastise himself and creates Hungama just six months before the elections.

It is free for all on the social media for the fans of Pawan who are irked by Jagan’s comments and the followers of Jagan. The slugfest is on.


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