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Immigration bill proposed by Trump rejected by the House

The merit-based immigration bill supported by President Trump was shot down by the House. Though the Republicans are in majority the bill did not get passed. Several negotiations took place to placate the conservative Republicans. The current bill is a compromise bill which included some of the changes suggested by the conservatives. In the last minute President tweeted “HOUSE REPUBLICANS SHOULD PASS THE STRONG BUT FAIR IMMIGRATION BILL, KNOWN AS GOODLATTE II, IN THEIR AFTERNOON VOTE TODAY, EVEN THOUGH THE DEMS WON’T LET IT PASS IN THE SENATE. PASSAGE WILL SHOW THAT WE WANT STRONG BORDERS & SECURITY WHILE THE DEMS WANT OPEN BORDERS = CRIME. WIN!”.  The bill was voted out 301 to 121 where all Democrats and 112 Republicans opposed it and only 121 Republicans supported it. The division within the Republican vote highlights the differences in the party and the House over the compromise Immigration Bill.
This bill was introduced to provide six years of legal status to the children who accompanied their parents that came to work in the US. After six years they can renew it. These children when they became adults they are treated as illegal immigrants. These children are called in the media as ‘dreamers’. This bill would have paved way for them to become citizens. The parents of these kids might have provided the money for the Trump’s border wall plan. It also might have ended the family-based immigration.

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