Gujarat Ad fumes AP People

The advertisement that Government of Gujarat published in telugu newspapers today created new stir. The ad appeared as “Dholera New Era”. If we look at the top most lines of the ad, it just appears like as normal advertisement. But the secret locked in internal matter. Gujarat government stated that, Dholera estimation cost is Rs.57,000 cr rupees and Government of India is only giving Rs.3000 Cr. And Till now GOI Released only Rs.1293 from that. The question arises here it self? What is the need to state GOI funding pattern in Dholera City? And What is the necessity to publish in telugu?

The answer is here, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and TDP leaders targeted PM Modi and BJP leaders since they left the NDA. Babu accused that, PM Modi funding more money to Dholera than Amaravati. It became hot topic among telugu people, and BJP leaders facing the heat  from the public. BJP leaders convey the same to the party high command and orders passed from there to Gujarat leaders to clear the air.

But this ad created more controversy in the state. Central government released only Rs.1500 cr to built capital of amaravati, Which is the capital of Andhra Pradesh. But Dholera was Given Rs.1293 cr which is not capital or not the major city of Gujarat. The TDP leaders are arguing that, this ad it self is a clear cut example of modi’s partiality on Andhra Pradesh.


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