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Two Brothers Die Of Electrocution In Uravakonda

URAVAKONDA: Two Brothers died on the spot due to electrocution from power passing through a fencing wire in Uravakonda town in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday, June 30.

According to reports, both the brothers Pichikulakunta Ramesh(54) and Mallesh (50) hails from SC Colony opposite to local Balaji Theater, both the brothers were auto-rickshaw drivers. Ramesh is survived by his wife Radhamma, three sons and one daughter. Mallesh is survived by his wife Thippamma, three daughters and a son.

The Duo went out of the house to answer nature’s call, Ramesh had tried to lift a fencing wire and crossed under it got electrocuted.

Following which his brother Mallesh who made an attempt to save him touched Ramesh and got electrocuted, said K. Dharani Babu, Circle Inspector of Uravakonda.

The electrical service wires of Ramesh’s house were damaged after a heavy downpour on Monday night and fell on the water tank fence.

Ramesh who didn’t notice this has touched the fence on Tuesday, collapsed and died due to electrocution.

Seeing his brother collapsing, Mallesh rushes to rescue him and he also suffered electrocution and collapsed.

Family members who noticed them rush the duo to a local government hospital, where the doctors declared them brought dead.

Family members protested in front of the hospital with dead bodies and alleged that the negligence of the power department officials was the reason for their deaths.

Uravakonda SI promised them to provide them help from the government, after which the agitation was called off.

Police registered a case and shifted the bodies for post mortem.


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