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The new stars of controversy and the damage they can do to the society

There is an increasing number of people who want to be in limelight by deliberately insulting the celebrities or the gods of Hindus.  This tribe is a group of Social Media savvy individuals who first gained attention by writing blogs or cinema reviews. Then they look for some celebrity who is more popular and make insulting comments to enrage their fans.

The real aim of these people is by making outlandish comments on celebrities they will gain the status of celebrity themselves. People may think that this is stupid activity being carried out by people who have no better work to do. But it is also a business. The guile and guts of these people is legendary in smearing the reputation of celebrities.  In doing so they get a great following in social media channels. If they have more followers, the channels will help them to monetize their ill-begotten popularity by posting ads on their pages.

They get paid for spoiling other people’s prestige. This is the tragedy of the new age digital media. The more baseless and horrendous their comments and the more famous they become. Consequently, even the TV channels, who wants to sensationalize news to get better TRP ratings, start interviewing them. They will make good feedstock for gossip mongers. It is a vicious circle where everyone gets hurt except the perpetrators. These are the monsters made by the media, social or otherwise. They try to hide behind the constitutional right to free speech. They even invoke the facade of innocent people targeted as they belong to backward castes. They think that in the guise of secularism and humanism or some other such ism they try to defend themselves.

Since caste equations are more related to the votes the politicians use these people as pawns to gain popularity by supporting them. The so-called elite media also do not find any fault with such damaging comments. It is almost a voyeuristic bashing of celebrities and enjoying the act of damaging their good name. The political parties are using such people to damage the opponent’s reputation. They even encourage these people to post fake stories about their opponents.

Again it is a good business where the perpetrator is getting paid. In the process, some gullible fans may take law into their own hands and try to punish these people and end up in jails. The recent best example is one such fellow was banished from the Hyderabad for a long time by the police. These smart people have to realize one simple fact that they have to bear the consequences for their actions.


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