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Sri Reddy Targets Nani Once Again, Natural Star Counters It

Natural Star Nani impressed audience with his skills by hosting Big Boss season 2 but not the Tollywood’s firebomb Sri Reddy. She leveled allegations against Nani in her recent interview with times of india. and She also told that, she was offered a place in Big Boss but Nani influenced the producers to keep her out from the show. She cursed him heavily on her facebook page.

She accused that Nani threatened to boycott the organisers to leave the show if she is a part of it.  “I’ve known Nani for the last four years. He used to come to my house and promised me that he will get me roles in films as a second lead. Not only has he not kept his promise, he’s now even taking away the opportunity which came to me,” she told to Times of India.

When Times of India contacted Nani, He simply rubbished all the claims by Sri Reddy.


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