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Censor Cuts Kashmir references from ‘Mission Impossible: Fall Out

“Mission Impossible: Fall Out” makers were asked to remove the references to Kashmir by India’s Central Board of Film Certification.

The Christopher McQuarrie movie, starring Tom Cruise as intelligence agent Ethan Hunt, released in India on July 27 and had four cuts/modifications made by the CBFC.

According to the CBFC certificate, the board had asked the makers to cut the title before the climax that identified the place “India-occupied Kashmir” and a map of the Indian subcontinent that misrepresented the boundaries of the state of Jammu and Kashmir was also removed.

The makers were also asked to add a disclaimer of fiction that “the film neither intends to hurt the feelings/sentiments nor means to defame persons of any region, community, nationality, religion or organisation”.

However, mentions of Nubra valley and the Siachen glacier in Ladakh by Rebecca Fergusson’s Ilsa Faust have not been deleted.

The final sequence, set in Kashmir, was shot in picturesque locations of New Zealand.

“I had wanted to shoot in India. I went and scouted there extensively… It was a pretty crazy sequence. So while we were shooting in New Zealand, we still had this (feel)… We liked the flavour of India, so (somehow) we managed to put it in (the film),” McQuarrie said.

“Mission: Impossible Fallout” is the sixth installment in the action franchise. Till now, the film has minted Rs 56.1 crore in India, making it biggest opening day and opening weekend for a Cruise film in the country.


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