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BJP is the Richest National Party – ADR Report

The BJP party which has emerged victorious in elections at the National level for two consecutive terms has created another record. According to the Association Of Democratic Reforms (ADR) report, BJP is the richest party out of seven national parties with declared assets worth of Rs 894 crores in 2015-16.The report has ranked Congress as the second richest party, with declared assets as almost 759 crores during the same period. Interestingly, the BJP has declared liabilities of Rs 25 crore, while Congress has liabilities worth 329 crores.The report took information based on the declaration of assets and liabilities by the national parties. Movable and immovable properties, cash, vehicles, investments, deposits, loans, and advances come under assets. Unsecured loans and access to overdraft facilities and borrowings from banks fall under liabilities.The report also claimed that until 2014-15, the National Congress has more assets than the Saffron party. With 2015 starting, the BJP party started overtaking the Congress party in terms of Assets.


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