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12 Wild boars and their coach rescued from Cave in Thailand

On 23 June 12 boys and their football coach entered Tham Luang cave complex after practice in Thailand. The cave complex was flooded due to heavy rains and the whole football team was trapped inside as all the passages were filled with water and plunging the caves into darkness.

The news of missing football team united the whole nation and everyone in Thailand were praying for their safety. For nine days more than 1000 expert divers from all over the world searched for them. At last British divers found them deep inside the cave complex in a small cave where an air pocket was the only oxygen source for them. Later a doctor and expert divers supplied them with food and oxygen tanks.

The news that the kids were safe has brought great relief to their parents. But most of the kids are not swimmers and bringing them out became a big problem. The rescue teams estimated that it may take 3 to 4 months to rescue them when the river water recedes. As the waters were rising due to incessant rains the lives of the kids were in jeopardy. The rescue chief Narongsak Osottanakorn took a quick decision to rescue them immediately. The whole world was with the parents and people of Thailand.

An unprecedented rescue operation started to extract the kid from a 4 Km treacherous water filled dark path. One of the Thai Navy Seals braveheart died when his oxygen tank became empty.   He became a national hero. The process of bringing the kids was not smooth. They were given medicines to keep them calm without getting panicky. First, healthier kids were brought out at the rate of 3 to 4 persons per day.

By Tuesday all the 12 boys and their football coach reached the surface safely sending joyous relief across the world. The four divers including the doctor are still to come out of the caves. At last a great ordeal ended without much trouble. These “wild boars”, as they were called by their nickname, united the whole of Thailand. The expert divers from many countries voluntarily took part in one of the rarest and most risky rescue operations ever organized.

ในระหว่างรอลุ้นกลัวแฟนเพจเครียดมาชมฝูงหมูป่า กันดีกว่าทราบไหมครับ ว่าลูกหมูป่าที่เพิ่งเกิดใหม่ จะมีผิว สีขน เป็นลายๆ…

Posted by Thai NavySEAL on Tuesday, July 10, 2018


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