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Dramatic Accident on Tankbund: Priest hit by biker

It was bad day for a priest, who was hit by a speeding motorist in Hyderabad. The priest, who was crossing the road, was thrown up in the air and dragged by biker for some meters.

While the incident took place near Tank Bund in Hyderabad on July 14th, it came to light on Thursday. The entire mishap was caught on camera as the CCTV visuals were released today by the Hyderabad Police. The priest, who was working in the ISKCON temple had come to Tank Bund to offer prayers at a nearby temple and was hit by the two-wheeler while he was using a pedestrian crossing.

The video footage shows that, he was crossing the road hurriedly without noticing  the bike. The biker also couldn’t notice the priest, who was covered by the RTC bus.

The video is here:


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