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Danam to join TRS

Danam Nagender the former minister has resigned from Congress Party and announced his decision to join TRS Party. But he did not give any specific date for that and said he may announce it at a later time. He addressed a media meeting at Filmnagar to explain his stand.
Nagender worked with Congress Party for the last 30 years and served both the party and government in different roles. He is quite influential in his constituency. But after the debacle in the elections held after the formation of Telangana state the power equations have changed. The mighty congress in spite of dividing the combined AP could not take advantage of the situation as the ‘giver of the state’. In the new Telangana state, the caste equations have changed and based on that the Party also started treating the leaders differently. In this process, some of the people who lost their importance have moved to other parties. Those who remained in the party are hoping that the anti-incumbency vote might work in the favour of Congress Party.   Again the party is thrown into a new tussle as to who will be the chief minister if Congress wins the 2019 elections. All those who had hopes for the highest post are playing the power game. At this juncture the decision of Danam becomes significant. He tried to explain to the party high command the lack of effective leadership in the party. Since he did not get any proper reply from Mr Rahul Gandhi he was quite upset. So he is playing the Backward Castes card and said the party did not give enough importance to the BCs. Let us see what he said to support his decision to resign from the Congress party.
Nagender said he had worked 30 years in Congress Party in different roles and spent his time on the development of the party. He blamed it on one caste that is sidelined all the important senior leaders such as D. Srinivas, K. Kesava Rao who later left the party. Even stalwarts like Ponnala were not given their due. As there is no respect for hardworking leaders, Danam said, he has taken the decision to leave the Party.
He further explained that there are 256 castes in Telangana. Of the total population,1.56 crores constituting 50% are BCs. Only YS Rajasekhara Reddy gave more importance to BCs. KCR is also following in the footsteps of YSR by working for the welfare of BCs and established corporations for most of the castes. Nagender denied the charge that he is leaving the Congress party as he was not given the working president post. Since he did not get due respect in the party he has taken this decision. He has requested his followers to follow him if they think he has taken the right decision.

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