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Chandrababu the farmer’s CM

Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu inaugurated the ‘Eruvaka ‘ Festival at Amudala Valasa, Srikakulam District. Eruvaka festival is celebrated after the first showers where the farmers pay their respects to Mother Earth before starting the agricultural activities.  Chandrababu himself drove the bullock cart to reach the venue. Later he tilled the land using a tractor, applied seeds and planted rice saplings with the help of ‘Yantra Sri’ machines.
He addressed the farmers and prayed that the Eruvaka should bring prosperity and happiness in their lives. He promised them that he will make agriculture a profitable venture. He said if farmers are happy the whole society will be happy. He informed the farmers about the various benefits that farmers can accrue from Chandranna Bima Scheme, the insurance scheme AP government has started for farmers. He requested the farmers to use technology in agriculture for reaping more profits. He declared that the farmers should practice organic agriculture and avoid using pesticides and artificial fertilizers. He promised that his government will do everything in its capacity to make fertilizers and seeds available to all the farmers.

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