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Andhra Pradesh is simmering with election time politics a year ahead

There were rumours that the elections are going to be preponed. It started a frenzy in all parties. They all started padayatras, porata yatras, sankalpa yatras and several names were used to call their touring in the state. But the blame game is growing louder by the day. Even though the elections are almost a year away the parties are already jumped into the election mood. The people have to bear with this cacophony for a long time to come.

The TDP is the main target for YSRCP, Janasena Party, BJP and Congress Party. But YSRCP and Janasena are not blaming the centre and it is evident that they have some underhand deal with them. BJP is also upping the ante after appointing the erstwhile Congress leader Kanna Lakshminarayana as the state BJP leader. The BJP leaders went overboard by asking the centre to impose central rule in the AP. In addition to the inter-party rivalry gaining momentum, intraparty rivalries are also coming out. All the people who want to get an MLA or MP seat are starting their tantrums to get the attention of the party chiefs. All those who may not be able to get or lost hope to get a seat are making arrangements to jump into another party.

These developments are making AP a cauldron of political activity. People are getting worked up. Even the social media is agog with fake stories. Concocted videos are being circulated. Slowly the caste-wise polarization is becoming evident. The posts in the social media are becoming vitriolic. All the parties are using the social media. Even the TV and newspapers are analyzing the situation critically. The small factions in the party are becoming a headache for the parties. It seems this activity may become more intense in the coming months. By the time elections are declared, the people may not be sure which leader belongs to which party as equations are changing very fast. Let us wait and see what is the emerging picture in the political stage of the AP.


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