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A blast at a political rally in Balochistan province of Pakistan killed 133 people and injured 150 others

A suicide blast in the midst of a political rally in the town of Mastung ripped through the unsuspecting crowd killing 133 people and injuring around 150 people. More casualties are expected. It is one of the deadliest in the history of Pakistan. These blasts are a prelude to the coming general elections on 25th July. Islamic State claimed to have done this heinous crime.
In Mastung near Quetta, capital of Balochistan province, a political meeting of Balochistan Awami Party was taking place in a compound where the suicide bomber detonated the bomb. It was so powerful it caused maximum impact killing most of the people within the vicinity. One of the dead was Siraj Raisani, who was running for a seat in the provincial elections. The place was filled with blood and body parts. All the injured were taken to the hospitals in Mastung and Quetta. The people are worried that many such attacks may take place during the elections.
A few hours earlier another bomb hidden inside a motorcycle was detonated in another party meeting in Bannu on Friday where four people were killed and 39 were injured. Luckily the politician Akram Khan Durrani, who was a candidate of the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal Party, survived the attack.
Another leader of Awami National Party, Haroon Bilour was killed along with 22 others when a bomb was exploded at their meeting. Pakistan Taliban took responsibility for that.
Terrorists are targeting politicians and local leaders. It seems the local authorities have no control over the incidents and they have failed miserably in protecting the citizens of Pakistan.
Earlier a similar incident occurred when Taliban attacked a school in Peshawar in 2014 killing 150 mostly students.

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