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110 Baby Cobras Found in a House

Over 110 baby cobras and two adult cobras were rescued from a house in a village in Odisha’s Bhadrak district. While the snakelets and 20 eggs were found in a labourer’s mud house at Paikasahi village yesterday, the adult snakes were spotted today.

The snakelets are about two to three days old, he said, adding, the adult cobras, a male, and a female, are around 2.10 meters in length.

S K Mirza, a snake rescuer, said he rushed to the site yesterday evening after the labourer called Bijay Bhuyan, the owner of the house, informed him that a number of snakes were roaming inside his house. After five hours of search, around 110 snakelets and 20 eggs were found, Mirza said.

There was a termite mound in one of the rooms in Bhuyan’s house, he was aware of the presence of snakes there, worshipped them and offered milk, villagers claimed.

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